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 Allowing libraries to retain and preserve access to legacy serial collections with enhanced services and accessibility, while potentially reducing operating costs.

Depository & Access Program

A sustainable model for the storage and continuing access of serials in microfilm collections at today’s libraries. NA Publishing can support analysis of physical collections and the storage and delivery services of serials – allowing libraries to focus on reclaiming space to accommodate demand for learning and other initiatives. Working with your library, NA Publishing can provide a comprehensive solution to facilitate the storage and access of serial collections.

Conversion Services

Preserve a valuable collection, go online to expand access to rare information, or increase the value of your content assets through broader distribution. NA Publishing provides the highest quality digital imaging services at cost-effective rates.

Microform Preservation & Replacement

Protect your library from Vinegar Syndrome, the destructive condition sometimes known to inflict microfilm collections. Upgrade non-preservation acetate microform to keep your images from fading to a non-readable state. We can work with your library on pricing, insurance claims and financing to preserve at-risk film.