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Continuously published since 1872, Publishers Weekly has consistently been the authoritative voice for US publishing industry news and book reviews, with ongoing coverage of the British book trade. Documenting the first book review for many works over time, Publishers Weekly both reflected and drove cultural change.

In high resolution and full color, Publishers Weekly Digital Archive will contain every page of PW ever published, including industry leading articles, book reviews, advertisements, illustrations, covers, and

  • Every page, every issue from 1872 – 2013
  • High resolution & full color
  • All material in its original context, including advertisements
  • OCR’d and fully searchable text
  • Nearly 200,000 definitive book reviews
  • Book trade statistics over a century
  • Bestseller lists from 1895 forward


Scholarly Interest

Technical developments in the way we
produce and distribute information over the
past 25 years have been nothing short of revolutionary, with the introduction and mass adoption of web technology and its  impact on our global culture often compared to the impact Gutenberg’s press had on the west in the 15th century.

These dynamics help explain the growing
interest in the written word, the history of the book, and in print media and digital culture. Researchers in American Studies, popular culture, history, literature, and their subdisciplines are looking into lines of inquiry such as:

  • politics of authorship
  • rise of bookmaking and bookselling
  • censorship
  • economics of commercial publishing
  • evolution of genre fiction
  • Option
  • under-represented voices
  • the book as cultural artifact
  • literacy studies
  • and more…..


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