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Periodicals On Microform

NA Publishing, Inc. is pleased to offer Periodicals on Microform — the largest collection of periodical titles available commercially.

Microform is the only medium guaranteed to exactly and completely replicate the print journal in an archival format. New, modern microform viewers and scanners can help libraries integrate microform content with their virtual library, providing a bridge to a digital format for their patrons.

Key Facts about the Program
Nearly 5,000 participating publishers Over 15,000 unique titles
Coverage includes serials dating back to 1672 Key journals available covering all academic disciplines


NA Publishing, Inc. has entered into contractual agreements with the publisher of each title. This assures that NA Publishing, Inc. has permission to sell and distribute the microform copy of each publication, and that we fully comply with copyright law for the original sale of the microform copy.

Microform serials are protected against unauthorized copying by the Copyright Act of 1976. They contain copyrighted material of both NA Publishing, Inc. and publishers of the original documents. It is the responsibility of the purchasing institution to ensure that microform serials are used in a way that is consistent with copyright law. This includes the reproduction of articles on microform reader-printers and any electronic reproduction/transmission from the microform itself or from paper copies produced from microform.

NA Publishing, Inc. has many quality assurance processes in place to guarantee that customers always receive the finest quality micrographic products. In a few cases, however, the contractual arrangements with publishers are for marketing and sales rights only — the publisher provides the microform copy for distribution to the customer. Under these agreements, we do not produce the microform copy being issued. When customer concerns regarding quality are made known to us, we will make every attempt to resolve the situation to the customer’s satisfaction. In some cases, however, the final quality decision lies with the publisher.


As a complement to paper-copy subscriptions:

  • Microform saves space. It takes up less than one-tenth the space of bound paper copies, allowing you to keep more of the publications your users need for immediate access.
  • Microform is durable. It isn’t as susceptible to loss, theft, or damage as paper publications, has an almost indefinite life expectancy when properly stored and handled.
  • Microform is cost-effective. The cost generally compares favorably to the cost of binding paper copies, especially when you take into account the hidden costs associated with binding, such as staff time.
  • Microform is convenient. It is convenient to order, file, maintain, and use with today’s equipment.
  • Microform is comprehensive. With more than 19,000 periodical titles, we offer unrivaled access to a vast collection of full-image information dating back more than a century.
  • Unparalleled quality. Periodicals in Microform feature images taken directly from the original printed pages, so you count on clarity.
As a complement to electronic sources:

  • Microform saves space. It takes up less than one-tenth the space of bound paper copies, allowing you to keep more of the publications your users need for immediate access.
  • Microform gives users complete, uncut local access. Much of electronic full text publications are available in text-only format, leaving users without the benefit of photos, charts, graphs, and other visual material. Complete and uncut microform editions are the perfect complement to the speed of text-only databases.
  • New viewers and scanners. Images can now be easily sent to remote locations using microform viewers and scanners. These link directly to your computer workstations, letting you view and print articles or digitize and transmit them electronically. This approach combines the unparalleled preservation and storage benefits of microform with the speed and ease of electronic access.
  • Microform provides full-image support for electronic index databases. Today’s library users rely on citations from indexes that may be printed or electronic. No matter where they find a citation, however, the full article will usually be available in microform.
  • Microform serves as an additional, secure point of local access. Key periodical titles in microform provide additional access points to ensure that you can deliver the information needed by your library patrons. Microform is always available, so users never go away empty-handed.
  • Microform provides access to backfiles and less frequently used publications. You can guarantee users access to all the articles cited in a database, especially those found in less current sources.


The catalog is updated quarterly, so check back often to ensure your collections are current. To use the catalog, select your region, indicate your preferred format type(s), and search for periodicals by title, subject, or ISSN. You will be able to Add Selected periodicals to your “My Titles” list directly from your search results.

Submit your request for a quote online:

  • Review your “My Titles” and click Request Quote. An NA Publishing, Inc. representative will prepare an order quote from your list and contact you with detailed order information.

Request a quote:

  • Review your “My Titles” and click Download. Select Save to Disk to download a comma delimited file to your computer. With Excel, you can edit and refine your title list for your own reference, or request a quote.

Via fax:

  • 734-401-6090

Ordering Assistance
Our Customer Service staff is available to assist you with your order. They can also give you specific pricing or title information, and help you with requests for price quotations customized for your library.

Call toll free: 800-420-6272

Customer Service
Taking care of customers is our first concern. Order inquiries and related matters are resolved most easily if you provide your shipping address and invoice number in writing, via email or phone. This makes positive identification of the transaction possible. If you prefer to call, please have the shipping address and invoice number at hand when you call. You can reach the Customer Service department at 800-420-6272.

Please address order inquiry mail to the attention of the Periodicals Customer Service Department.


Subscription Orders

  • All the current-year titles listed in this catalog are as subscriptions, which function much like a subscription to a newspaper or periodical in paper. When you order titles on subscription, you receive the microform edition of your serials automatically, as soon as the material becomes available. You select your renewal month. Toward the end of your subscription year, you will receive a renewal notice.

Standing Orders

  • Many customers prefer to order the latest publication year and succeeding years on a standing-order basis. Volumes are shipped as they become available, and you are invoiced with each shipment at the price in effect at that time. If you prefer standing orders, simply specify the publications to be placed on standing order, and they will be shipped to you automatically as they become available. You may cancel a standing order at any time.

One-Time Orders

  • Any item from this catalog can be ordered as a one-time-only purchase. You will be invoiced at the time of shipment, at the price in effect at that time.
  • Please allow four to six weeks for the shipment of available titles. Titles not yet filmed, including current years, will take longer for shipment. Current years will be shipped when complete.
Status Reports

  • At your request, you can receive a status report that lists each of your subscription titles and its shipment status.

Customized Renewals

  • As a subscription customer, you can select your own renewal month to help control the timing of expenditures.
  • Your annual renewal notice is a ready-made, customized ordering document for the following year. It lists the titles you subscribe to in the current year, with pertinent information about each. (It can even be used as a price quotation or bid document if your ordering procedures require one.) During the renewal process, you can review your current subscriptions, add new titles, substitute titles, etc., right on the renewal notice itself. Just return the renewal notice—with any modifications—along with your purchase authorization, and your ordering tasks are complete for the next year.
  • The renewal forms can also be used as invoices, if you like, thus eliminating paperwork.
  • FAQ on how to read your renewal



  • Microform copies are produced on demand, so the number of orders we receive for a title can affect its availability; titles in greatest demand become available earlier in the year, those of less demand later in the year. Some titles may take longer to become available.

What Are Low-Demand Titles?

  • NA Publishing, Inc. monitors order activity for periodical titles in our serials program. For some titles, although we have filming rights, we have either very little or no demand. Those titles are referred to as low-demand titles. As a result, material for these titles is not filmed on a regular basis. When demand for the title increases, we film the content. If demand does not increase, that periodical title is removed from our serials program.
  • When you use this online catalog, you may see some date ranges for a title marked with an asterisk (*) indicating that you should inquire about availability. That could signify that the date range for that title is in the process of being filmed and has not yet been placed in our vaults, or it could mean that the title falls into the low demand category and has not been filmed. Please contact your account representative to determine the exact status for that title/date range.

The estimated totals provided in the catalog are calculated per your selected region and do not include applicable taxes or shipping and handling fees.

Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

35mm-only Titles
35mm-only titles represent those that are oversized or those that have generated the least demand. These titles are available in 35mm silver roll film only (positive or negative polarity), and they may take longer to produce than other periodicals.

Non-Silver Option
You can order the current volume/year and future volume/years for periodicals on non-silver film at an average of 15% less than the listed price. Note that non-silver film is not available in 16mm. If the non-silver option is not specified on your order, silver film will be supplied.

A few serial titles, such as those in color and some film types that we distribute for other micropublishers, are available on silver film only.

Backfile volumes of periodicals are available on silver only.


Packing Lists

  • Packing lists, included with every shipment, indicate all items in your order. If an item cannot be shipped, it will be noted. Delayed items will usually be shipped within two months. The packing list also informs you of any items not immediately available.
  • Be sure to check the shipment carefully when you receive it to make sure all items that are indicated on the packing list as shipped are actually there. We strongly recommend that you claim missing materials within six months.

Claims Policy

  • If material is inadvertently left out of a shipment, you must notify us within six months of receipt of that shipment to receive the missing material at no charge.


  • Invoices are sent under separate cover to the “bill to” name on your order. You are invoiced for only those items that have actually been shipped (except for subscription orders). Status will be given on items not shipped. You can request a customized status report at any time to determine the subscription titles shipped. Please call customer service toll free at 800-420-6272 for details. Back-ordered items are shipped and invoiced separately as soon as available.
  • Invoice terms are net 30 days. We reserve the right to assess a late-payment fee on past-due invoices.
  • Monies left on account for a period of one year or more may be assessed an administrative service charge.

Shipping and Handling Charges

  • Shipping and handling charges are billed to customers as a percentage of the purchase price (plus applicable taxes and duties if any):
  • U.S. shipping address: 5.5%
  • All other addresses: 6.5%
  • Please add shipping and handling charges to your order total. Shipping and handling charges are subject to change without notice.

Sales and GST/HST Tax

  • NA Publishing, Inc. maintains nexus in a limited number of states that currently assess sales and/or use tax. If taxes are applicable, they will be added to your invoice.
  • Microform items shipped to Canada are not currently assessed a “Goods and Service” or “Harmonized Sales” tax. Currently the GST/HST is only applied to xerographic reproductions and shipping and handling. As laws change and representation status changes, the 7% GST and 15% HST may become applicable on all products. At that time, GST/HST may be charged on all products. If you have any questions, please contact the Customer Accounting department at 800-420-6272.

Microform Replacements

  • Individual microform replacements are available for lost or damaged items. A nominal charge is assessed; some restrictions apply. Please call customer service or your sales representative for more information.

Product Return Policy and Credits

  • Unless you specify otherwise on your renewal, backfile or standing order, we will produce and ship your order on 35mm silver microfilm.
  • The microfilm products we sell are custom produced for your specific order. Even though in most cases we don’t ship your renewal or standing order until the volume year closes, the majority of our costs occur throughout the volume year, making it difficult to accommodate changes to your order once payment is received. As a result, after your payment has been received by us on any order, we will no longer be able to accept title cancellations or changes. However, should a periodical become unavailable following payment on your order, we will work with you to identify substitute periodicals prior to the issuance of any credits. Any credits issued will be applied to your next order.
  • If we made an error in fulfilling your order, please contact our customer service at 800-420-6272 and we will be glad to provide a replacement at no charge. Any errors must be reported to us within six months from the ship date of your order.


Microfilm and microfiche editions are complete full-page reproductions of the original documents. They are made on silver polyester-base microfilm and meet the requirements of ANSI/AIIM Standards. A non-silver option is available for most current-year periodicals.

Recommended storage temperature is 70℉ F (21℃) or lower with a relative humidity of 20-30% as specified in the ANSI Standard IT 9.11.
Silver gelatin microfilm (16mm and 35mm) on four mil polyester base; conforms to ANSI/NAPM Standard IT 9.1 and ANSI/AIIM MS14

  • Silver gelatin microfiche (105mm x 148mm) on seven mil polyester base; conforms to ANSI/NAPM Standard IT 9.1 and ANSI/AIIM MS5
  • Vesicular microfilm (35mm only) on 3.6 mil polyester base; conforms to ANSI/NAPM Standard IT 9.12
  • Vesicular microfiche (105mm x 148mm) on 4.3 mil polyester base; conforms to ANSI/NAPM Standard IT 9.12
  • Diazo microfiche (105mm x 148mm) on 4.3 mil polyester base; conforms to ANSI Standard IT 9.5
  • Positive or negative polarity optional for most titles
  • Enlarged eye-readable titles (microfilm from 1976 on)
  • No microfilm splices
  • Microfilm reels conforming to ANSI/AIIM MS34
  • Microfilm reel design with optional film-anchoring capability
  • Neutral pH microfilm cartons with appropriate title and indexing information
  • Microfiche envelopes suitable for storage

35mm Microfilm-Silver and Vesicular

  • Reduction ratio nominally 1:18*
  • 2A cine format

16mm Microfilm-Silver (not available in vesicular)

  • Reduction ratio nominally 1:24*
  • 2B comic format
  • 3M Ektamate and Flange cartridges available

Microfiche-Silver and Non-silver

  • Reduction ratio nominally 1:24*
  • 98-page format
  • Opaque white title backing (silver)
  • Opaque black title backing (vesicular)
  • Negative polarity on diazo film for some titles

Elsevier Publications

  • (1986 and prior volumes; for 1987 forward, please refer to the specifications above)
  • Reduction ratio 1:25
  • Some titles have been photographed at a reduction rate of 1:30 to accommodate oversized titles
  • Most titles available in 2A cine format
  • Silver
  • The 35mm film consists of a 16mm original contact-printed onto 35mm duplicating film

American Chemical Society Publications

  • Reduction ratio nominally 1:24*
  • 2B comic format
  • 35 and 16mm: diazo, with the exceptions of Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Science & Technology, CHEMTECH, and Chemical and Engineering News, which are silver
  • Microfiche: diazo
  • The 35mm film consists of a 16mm original contact-printed onto 35mm duplicating film
  • All 1972+ editions are bar coded and blip coded for automatic searches

* To accommodate oversized journals, reduction ratios may vary from those specified.