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“…MMA: Rock provides a treasure trove of content not readily accessible online elsewhere. The interface lends itself to browsing to discover essays and general editorial tone, coverage and perspective that are missing from more mainstream sources. Beyond popular music studies, it is valuable for American studies…”

— Marci Cohen, Boston University: “New Media Reviews” in Notes (March 2017).

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In partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives, and Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Music Library and Bill Schurk Sound Archives, NA Publishing is pleased to announce Music Magazine Digital Archive: Rock.

These rarely collected, widely scattered, and now sought after publications present a unique record of popular culture, music journalism, and social and political transition in the late 20th century, making them invaluable primary sources to researchers interested in disciplines such as popular culture, gender studies, material culture, American studies, youth culture, and more.

For those about to search, we salute you.
  • Every page, cover, and advertisement
  • Article level indexing
  • High resolution & full color
  • OCR’d and fully searchable text
  • All material in its original context
  • The first in a closed series of digital archives focused on music genres of the late 20th/early 21st centuries

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Long. Live. Rock.


“In many ways, CREEM was lightning in a bottle, the right people, the right place, the right time. Its passion, irreverence, and brutal honesty left an unforgettable mark on music journalism.The Music Magazine Archive: Rock digital collection is a fantastic way to preserve CREEM’s storied legacy for generations to come.”

– J. J. Kramer, son of CREEM founder and publisher Barry Kramer

“For pop culture scholars, the Music Magazine Archive is an incredible resource. Instead of having to track down odd issues of Creem and other magazines for sale online, or hidden away in someone’s basement, I was able to search innumerable issues for stories, and see each in its original context, with the entire page visible. Part of the fun of reading Creem is seeing the in-house ads, staffboxes, photo cutlines, letters to the editor and other oddball details.
It’s important for scholars and for history, that these are the actual pages of the magazine, and have not been curated or changed for anyone’s whim or agenda.”

— Susan Whitall, Creem writer/editor, 1975-’83.

Research Interest

If the 1960s and 1970s were the modern decades of dissent in the U.S., then rock was the universal language of dissent across this tumultuous period.

Capturing the discourse of challenge to the status quo and questioning authority even today, rock magazines document youth culture, social issues, trends, fashion, and style. With a focus on solo musicians, bands, songwriters, record companies, promoters, and agents, they not only chronicle the music industry but present an authentic account of dynamic social change in the U.S. and around the world.

Title List:

  • The Bob
  • CREEM*
  • Fusion
  • Jazz and Pop
  • Maximum Rocknroll
  • OP
  • Option
  • Ray Gun
  • Royal’s World Countdown
  • Slash
  • Trans-Oceanic Trouser Press
  • Trouser Press
  • Trouser Press Collectors’ Magazine
  • Under the Radar

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 *original publication


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