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Music Magazine Archive: Folk

The Folk Revival of the 1960s and the decades leading up to it ushered in a transformative time of inclusion, activism, and urgency, a time when music was a vehicle for awareness and protest, and proved to be a catalyst for social change.

This collection of folk magazines includes both traditional and contemporary folk, bluegrass, world music, and other adjacent genres from the mid-20th century years to present day.


Music Magazine Archive: Rock

In partnership with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives, and Bowling Green State University (BGSU) Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives, NA Publishing is pleased to announce Music Magazine Digital Archive: Rock.

These rarely collected, widely scattered, and now sought after publications present a unique record of popular culture, music journalism, and social and political transition in the late 20th century, making them invaluable primary sources to researchers interested in disciplines such as popular culture, gender studies, material culture, American studies, youth culture, and more.