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NA Publishing | Alternatives for Libraries

NA Publishing, Inc. was formed in 2005 and specializes in:

  • creating digital collections for humanities and social science research
  • providing comprehensive serials archive solutions
  • conversion and digitization services
  • offering services to replicate compromised microform collections
  • supporting open access special collections through sister company Reveal Digital

Collectively, our management team has spent more than 100 years in traditional library publishing organizations. What unites us and draws us to NA Publishing is a passion for embracing the alternative—not just because we can, but because we believe the information industry is ripe for revolution. We talk with innovative librarians every day who are breaking old models: becoming library publishers, converting spaces in their libraries to collaborative environments, digitizing collections and making them openly accessible, and we want to be partners on projects like those.

We are committed to serving the library community with alternatives: new models revolving around collaboration, creative partnerships, and stewardship of our intellectual heritage. Instead of creating pay walls, we partner with libraries to ensure preservation of, and access to, our collective resources. NA Publishing, Inc. is headquartered in Saline, Michigan, and was a 2016 awardee of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch.

Like you, at NA we are here to serve researchers, and help them create new knowledge.


Reveal Digital | A 100% Open Access Alternative

Reveal Digital is dedicated to supporting open access special collections in order to advance scholarly research worldwide. Offering a proven open access model for digitizing primary source material from special collections and archives. Reveal Digital provides a mechanism for pooling library acquisition dollars to fund the costs associated with the development of digital collections, along with the expertise to direct digitization, hosting, and marketing activities.

Working closely with content holders, we help:

  • define and scope large thematic collections
  • build partnerships with content holders
  • determine the cost base for producing the content
  • provide copyright clearance, data conversion and hosting services as needed
  • manage the entire project development process
  • conduct outreach efforts to funding organizations

Reveal Digital’s first project, Independent Voices, is a collection of 1,000 alternative press periodicals published between the 1960s – 1980s. More than two dozen libraries have contributed content, while more than 100 libraries are expected to provide $1.7 million in funding.  Future digital collections are planned around the theme of Race, Gender and Class in the 20th Century.

For more information, see Jisc’s New Digital Resource to Reveal the Hidden Possibilities for Library Collections.

NA Publishing, Inc. is headquartered in Saline, Michigan, and was a 2016 awardee of the Michigan 50 Companies to Watch.



MoyerJeff Moyer
President, NA Publishing

Jeff first worked for UMI as director of Dissertation Publishing and introduced new digital workflows and online distribution options to this longstanding publishing business. From there, Jeff headed the Digital Vault Initiative at ProQuest which resulted in such landmark new digital products as Early English Book Online, Historical Newspapers, HeritageQuest and American Periodical Series. After a short stop at Gale, Jeff became a partner in NAPC and helped establish its Content Solutions offering. Jeff was responsible for several large content conversion projects including the ERIC Backfile Project (over 75 million pages), the Ovid Journal Backfile project and the scanning and microfilming of the Martin Luther King Papers for Morehouse College. Following the sale of NAPC in 2009, Jeff reinvested in the market by reacquiring the NA Publishing Periodicals in Microform business and developing the first cost recovery/ open access digital collection model launched under the Reveal Digital imprint.


Joe Mills
Managing Director, NA Publishing

Joe has more than 30 years of experience in digitization and micrographics operations for library and commercial customers. He served as vice president of manufacturing for both Bell & Howell and ProQuest Information and Learning. Joe later became a partner in NAPC and helped establish its Content Solutions offering. His operations filmed more 20 million Journal, Magazine and Newspaper pages annually with more than a quarter million copies distributed worldwide. He led these companies participation in NDNP grant submission for the State of Michigan as well as conversion efforts for several Periodical and Newspaper Databases. Joe partnered with Jeff Moyer to reinvest in the market by reacquiring the NA Publishing Periodicals in Microform business, investing the acquisition of Image Graphics Inc (now called eBeam Film) and further developing the Content Solutions business. Joe is a member of the AIIM Micrographic Quality Control Committee.


timfuscoTim Fusco
General Manager, NA Publishing

Timothy Fusco is General Manager for the Library Market Division at NA Publishing. Tim has been active in the Academic and Library market since the early 1980s, starting with Bell & Howell in Wooster, Ohio. Through his Executive Sales and Marketing roles at Bell & Howell, UMI, ProQuest, and Gale Cengage, Tim has collaborated very closely with library customers, building a rich understanding of libraries, their patrons, and their associated research needs. At LexisNexis, Tim led the Academic Division as VP Publishing and General Manager for the Academic and Library Solutions business unit. In all, Tim brings more than 30 years of Academic and Library market leadership experience to NA Publishing.

In addition to his work in the information industry, Fusco has been an art instructor, executive director of an art center, and an advertising manager, and has served as an Executive Board Member of Friends of Libraries U.S.A. (now Libraries United/ALTAFF) and as a member of the Washington DC alumni leadership group for The College of Wooster.