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The Flash | Issue 2

Happy Holidays from NA publishing!

The end of the year always seems to invite a little more reflection, sometimes hard to come by as the holiday season also keeps us busier than usual.

But something about the short days, and the closing down of one year and the opening of the next makes one stop, and maybe even take a breath, and maybe even think a little.

This month in The Flash, we:

  • take a little time to reflect on the information industry and our commitment to open access
  • highlight our new MMA: Hip Hop & Rap project, and
  • look back to a *very* big book to curl up with…and point you toward its anticipated 2017 sequel

So, here’s hoping you have the chance to stop, reflect a little, and maybe even dig into at least one really good book this winter.



NA Publishing’s Open Access Commitment | Connecting People with Information

Peg Bessette Knight

One of the things I’ve enjoyed about working in the information industry for a couple decades now is getting to know lots of librarians. As a community, they’ve always been generous, helpful, and intellectually curious: not a bad group to spend time with. After all, it adds up; these people elected a profession that was centered on seeking knowledge and helping others to seek knowledge. Of course you’re going to meet some wonderful people working in this space.

During my time in the industry, I also witnessed the digital revolution, and watched the power that digital access to information put in the hands of researchers worldwide. So you take librarians—-dedicated to facilitating research—-and you pepper in a major technical revolution like digital access to information, and the Open Access movement almost seems inevitable. It’s simply smart people recognizing that we can harness technology to both preserve information and support its use by anyone with access to the internet. It’s simply about connecting people with information.

At NA Publishing and Reveal Digital, we aim to be partners in Open Access.

  • Reveal Digital is a 100% open access model. The best illustration of this is Independent Voices——a vast collection of alternative press from the 1960s through the 1980s. With the support of nearly 100 forward-thinking libraries, we have managed to digitize and make available to researchers everywhere widely scattered, rare, and fragile materials that chronicle a transformative time in US history, capturing voices outside of the mainstream that shaped the rich political landscape of this period.


  • NA Publishing, now building a portfolio of digital products, also supports Open Access, albeit in a slightly different way. For example, the Music Magazine Archive (MMA)  project will donate 10% of its profits to an open access Zines project that Reveal Digital will create in collaboration with our MMA partners: Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Museum and Archives and Bowling Green State University.



Music Magazine Archive: Hip Hop & Rap

Connie Harrison



NA Publishing is working on its third collection in the Music Magazine Archive series: MMA: Hip Hop & Rap. This third release in the genre-based Archive series will aggregate digital and print magazines that capture the social consciousness of the music in reviews of rappers, artists, DJs, break-dancing and scratching/turntablism. It will show and tell of Old School Rap launched by Sugar Hill Gang, Run-D.M.C., LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, Salt-N-Pepa, Ice T, Public Enemy, 2 Live Crew, Queen Latifah, MC Hammer, Digital Underground, De La Soul, Arrested Development, Outkast, and others. Juxtaposed against this golden age are mainstream hip hop and its culture of commercialization, celebrity, fashion, custom cars and style.

Beyond the music is an urban movement of dissent against racism and stereotypes, one that manifests in bold lyrics, rhymes, graffiti, protest, and attitude. These magazines tell an urban story that unpacks the economic, political, and social forces at work in economically disadvantaged cities through hip hop music culture.  This is a story of race, of economics, and of struggle that prompts investigation by researchers of pop culture, ethnomusicology, race and American studies.  Look for MMA: Hip Hop & Rap to release in 2017.

Learn more about Music Magazine Archive: Hip Hop & Rap .


A Suitable Boy | A Novel of Legendary Proportions

Sara Zapolnik

In the January 4, 1993 issue of Publishers Weekly, the book A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth was featured. At 1,350 pages A Suitable Boy is one of the longest novels ever published in the English language. The story focuses on a mother trying to find a boy for her daughter to marry. It also stresses loyalty and importance of family in a harsh world. “Seth’s point of view is both wry and affectionate, and his voluble, palpably atmospheric narrative teems with chaotic, irrepressible life” (Publishers Weekly, reviewed on 5/3/1993).

A Suitable Girl, the sequel to A Suitable Boy was set to come out in 2013, but due to delays is now set for publication sometime in 2017.

Learn more about Publisher’s Weekly Digital Archive.


Famous Birthdays

Tom Waits
Dec 7, 1949

Phil Ochs
Dec 19, 1940-1976

On This Date in History…

Dec 3, 1947
Tennessee Williams’s A Street Car Named Desire opens on Broadway

Dec 8, 1980
Mark David Chapman shoots John Lennon

Dec 20, 1803
The final terms of the Louisiana Purchase are signed

Employee Spotlight

Zakiyyah Akhtab
Customer Service Executive

How long have you worked at NA Publishing? 3 1/2 years

What is your favorite part about your job? Creating solutions for our customers and working as a team

If you could vacation anywhere in the world where would it be? Athens, Greece

What is your favorite quote? “Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.” — Muhammad Ali