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NA Publishing announces the launch of the Music Magazine Digital Archive: Rock

Saline MI., May 3, 2016


NA Publishing has partnered with the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives, and Bowling Green

State University (BGSU) Music Library and Sound Recordings Archives to create the first of a closed

series of late 20th century genre-based collections of music magazines. Rarely collected, widely

scattered, and rare, these magazines serve as a unique record of popular culture, music journalism, and

social and political transition in the late twentieth century. Sourced from the Rock Hall Library and the

BGSU Sound Recordings Archives, Music Magazine Digital Archive: Rock precedes collections on Folk,

and on Hip-Hop & Rap, and will be followed by additional genre-based collections beginning in the late

20th century.


Music Magazine Digital Archive: Rock includes iconic titles like Ray Gun (1992-2000), The Bob (1980-

1996), and Slash (1977-1980). The magazine collection will include 10-12 titles, all digitally captured

from cover to cover in high resolution full color. Every page, including advertisements, will be scanned

and OCR’d to provide a fully searchable collection of hard to find primary source material. A portion of

the proceeds from Music Magazine Digital Archive: Rock will be contributed to help fund a related open

access project to digitize music zines.


Music magazines, especially those from the rock era, that focus on solo musicians, bands, song writers,

record companies, promoters and agents not only chronicle many facets of the music industry but also

provide an authentic account of social change in the US and around the world. Rock music provided the

sound track for an era of unprecedented cultural change and the magazines— fueled by the music—

offer firsthand commentary on government, politics, censorship, the sexual revolution, civil rights and

other social movements. The voice of social dissent was often chronicled and captured in the pages of

limited circulation rock magazines. NA publishing and our partners have selected a group of diverse

titles to provide a rich view of the rock era as seen through the eyes of a new breed of music journalists

and reporters.


Susannah Cleveland, Associate Professor and Head of the Music Library & Sound Recordings Archives at

BGSU views the Rock Magazine Archive as “the embodiment of the world-altering intersection of the

baby boomers with the establishment. Rock music magazines provide great insight into the ‘60s, ‘70s

and ‘80s music scene while offering meaningful context for larger social and political unrest.” Andy

Leach, Senior Director of the Rock Hall’s Library & Archives, agreed emphatically that “the value of the

collection goes well beyond first person reporting and ‘music critic’ style opinion of the musicians and

bands of the rock era. The music and the musicians both reflected and affected major social issues

around the world. It is hard to draw a distinction between the organic evolution of social norms and

rock music’s impact on challenging the status quo and accelerating what became a social revolution.”

“NA Publishing is delighted to be working in close partnership with the BGSU and Rock Hall libraries to

provide access to these elusive, and important publications,” said Jeff Moyer, Founder of Reveal Digital

and partner in NA Publishing. “The development of the Music Magazine Digital Archive is by itself an

important addition to the digital corpora available to libraries. At a strategic level, the concept of using

a portion of the product’s proceeds to help fund development of an open access music zine collection is

also a really exciting and innovative idea we are eager to test. We hope this approach will not only

prove successful for music zines but will also become a model other organizations use to make valuable

cultural heritage material freely available to everyone.”


Music Magazine Digital Archive: Rock is expected to launch by the end of June 2016, targeting

September 2016 as a completion date for the project. To request a demo, pricing and more information

about other components of the Music Magazine Digital Archive closed series, please contact


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