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IMMEDIATE RELEASE – NA Publishing announces the launch of Publishers Weekly Digital Archive


NA Publishing announces the launch of Publishers Weekly Digital Archive (1872-2013)
Saline, Mich., March 15, 2016

NA Publishing Inc. is partnering with Publishers Weekly to provide their entire magazine archive online to researchers worldwide. Continuously published since 1872, Publishers Weekly has consistently been the authoritative source for U.S. publishing industry news and book reviews, with ongoing coverage of the British book trade throughout its history. A high-resolution, full-color, fully searchable collection, Publishers Weekly Digital Archive will contain every page of the journal ever published, including not only industry leading articles and book reviews, but all advertisements, illustrations, covers, supplementary indexes, and more. The resulting collection will be the premiere resource for the history of book publishing, and a rich asset for those with research interests in topics such as American studies, literature, print and digital media, reception history, and beyond. Libraries worldwide will be able to offer researchers unprecedented access to this 141-year chronicle of the publishing industry, with every issue preserved in its full context.

“Publishers Weekly has been the gold standard of domestic and international book publishing news since 1872. Any meaningful research about book publishing will lead directly to PW,” said Carl Pritzkat , Vice President, Business Development for Publishers Weekly. “The PW digital archive will provide in-depth access to industry trends since the American Civil War era, and the evolution of book publishing and digital media as seen through the eyes of highly regarded editors and industry professionals.”

Beyond the rich publishing industry narrative, Publishers Weekly provides a unique lens from which to view American as well as international cultural and societal changes. Publishers Weekly’s role as “the first review” for a new book, both reflected and drove cultural change. The digital archive will offer new opportunities to examine topics with frontline book reviews beginning in the 1940’s and nearly a century and a half of publishing industry commentary.

“This project will unlock 141 years of publishing news, book reviews, interviews and industry statistics” said Joe Mills, managing partner at NA publishing. “Through meticulous scanning and quality OCR of the original magazine, capturing every page of every issue, students, faculty and scholars will be able to use keyword searching to interrogate and explore the entire archive with speed and accuracy.”
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About Publishers Weekly
Publishers Weekly is the international news platform of the book publishing industry. Founded in 1872 and published weekly since then, the magazine boasts 700,000+ Twitter followers, Facebook “likes” and other social media followers; publishes eight e-newsletters, PW Select (a monthly supplement), two blogs, a mobile edition, digital editions and apps; and features a thriving website that reached nearly 9 million unique visitors in the last year.

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